Monday, December 10, 2007

proof of blanket

Behold the new psychedelic blanket:
This first picture's a bit busted, because I re-sized it for another website, but you get the idea. I wish it was in a multiple of three, but sometimes you take what you can get. It's not like I'm an expert psychedelic-blanket designer, but I might be eventually.

Close-up of the edge, which is my favorite part. Look at the fun candy-cane striping. And, believe it or not, though I had to attach a new skein for about the last four inches of applied I-cord, it went ahead and matched up really well. Christmas miracle, y'all.

So yay! Now on to smaller things. My dad's socks will be finished today. On to gloves next, and possibly gloves made with Lanett, so I will be in what is known as heaven.

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