Thursday, December 6, 2007


You know you're way too into knitting when the first thing you think, when you cut your finger and it's bleeding all over the sink, is: "Oh good, it's my left pointer finger. I can totally still knit."


But hey, I sent the blanket! Now I don't have to think about it anymore! On to socks. I can't quite decide if brother #3 should get gloves or socks. The yarn I have picked out for him is a little crazy. I have this problem where (if you couldn't tell from the rainbow blankets) I really, really like color. And sometimes when I'm in the yarn store, no matter how I try to restrain myself, I can't quite remember that other people might not like insane green socks as much as I would. Or insane green gloves. Don't they sound fun? I would wear insane green gloves. There's something so Batman villain about the concept.

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