Monday, December 3, 2007

better now

After a day without very much knitting, my hand feels a whole lot better. But can you believe (you probably can) that I only managed to sew in the ends on one square? Urgh, three more to go. This is mostly because sewing in ends bores the crap out of me, and unless there's something good on the teevee I sort of can't do it. And since the internet isn't working at the theater I don't bother to lug my laptop over there these days. So with no video pictures to keep me company between shows, I read a book instead. Shadow in the North, which stresses me out. If you were wondering.

And today I haven't done a damn thing on that blanket. I need to get cracking. Yeah, it's my day off, which means I have to run errands and stuff, but seriously, me? If you want to mail the blanket on the 6th, you need to haul some ass. I mean, the as-yet-hypothetical border is getting smaller and smaller every second I procrastinate.

Oy. Better run to the post office, then. Oooh, and I can get a box to mail the blanket. That'll almost be like working on it, right?

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