Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hey! Sorry about the lack of posting, if anyone reads this here blog. Between my show and the Christmas knitting, and a parental visit--which really cut into the knitting time--I've been swamped.

Anyway, today I have discovered two things:

1. You can't make a whole pair of men's gloves out of one ball of Lanett. The yarn's magical, but not that magical. Dammit. Oh well--I've got enough for fingerless gloves, and they're very elegant.

2. It's not so easy to count rows while you're listening to The Twelve Days of Christmas. Stop it with the numbers! You're confusing me!

Photos of my nearly-finished holiday knitting to come! Really! I made my mom a pair of Lake Park Gloves out of the Colinette Jitterbug I mentioned ages ago, and they're pretty awesome. Awesome to the point that I want to keep them for myself. So much better than the Autumn Mess version.

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