Saturday, December 1, 2007

maybe just a touch of panic

Haven't been blogging (clearly) but have been knitting. For the last three or so days I've been slogging away at the blanket, and am now well into the last square. This means almost nothing, as the last few edges of each square take me forever. Doom and destruction, my friends. Doom and destruction. I'm still hopeful that I'll get it done by the 6th, but its not going to be pretty (the process, I mean: the blanket'll be ok) and my hands might fall off. And the border might have to be crochet with some applied I-cord to finish, instead of more garter stitch. I don't think my needle is long enough to handle four feet of garter stitch. And crochet will be quicker, though the change in style might put a little crack in my soul.

Anyway. Gotta go knit things. Did I mention that if I get my family presents done by the 16th I can send them home with my parents and save on postage? Or I can put the presents in a box. And put the box in another box, and mail it to myself, and when it arrives, smash it with a hammer.

Nah, I'll just do my best to save on postage.

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