Thursday, March 27, 2008


Who's ready for a disjointed blog post? Whee!

First of all: I finished (finally!) the Travelling Roses scarf that used to be a Gap turtleneck. It's pretty awesome, though not necessarily anything I'd ever want to wear. My mom doesn't wear scarves either, so I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I guess I'll probably end up wearing it, though I prefer my scarves to be longer and thinner. I have a ton more basically laceweight red merino left, so I forsee many more lace scarf-like things to come. I've been looking for a shawl pattern, but haven't liked anything that much yet. I'm also not a triangular-shawl sort of girl. I will probably find a scarf pattern and widen it.

Next: I'm still making odd hats and scarves and mittens out of odd balls of yarn. Some are nice, some are eh. I'm probably going to throw them all at some charity this fall or winter.

I still can't seem to grasp the concept of fit. Negative ease seems to be beyond me. Everything I knit is too big. It's SUCH the pain in my ass.

I recently remembered that I belong to Ravelry. After all the fuss about the site, I feel like a big loser for being so uninterested in it. Mostly I suck at joining any kind of community, I'm not really inclined to organize anything, and there's so much chaff on the site that I don't have the patience to sort through the groups and stuff to look for something good. I also get sort of bugged with . . . I don't know, obviousness? Self-consciousness? I mean, I knit in public ALL THE TIME, and I don't see what the big deal is. It's like reading in public. It's something I do to keep myself amused. That's just one example, but it's the stuff like that that bugs. Or the 'why don't you like your local yarn store' stuff. Sigh. I'm mostly just cranky today, but having to wade through all that makes me tired. So I should probably just not bother, right? And yet it seems like it could be so useful . . . maybe I'll look at it again someday when the sun is shining and I have a job, and I'll be more enthused.

Argh, now I've gone all depressing. Sorry! Think of the charity hats! Think of a day with sunshine! Think that this time next year (barring hideous disaster) George Bush will not be president! Things probably won't be a whole lot better, but at least we won't still have the worst president ever. Whee!

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Helen said...

Ignore the groups on Ravelry if its not your thing, and go for the patterns and yarn info. That totally rocks.