Saturday, March 15, 2008

I need an intervention.

I have apparently snapped. I've made three hats this past week, and have started on a fourth. There is no good reason for this. Spring is coming. I don't have to keep the world warm or anything. And, people, these are seriously random hats. No real recipients intended. I'll probably be happy of the damn things when Christmas rolls around, but really, wtf?

Granted, the first hat was made with a purpose. A fun green baby hat, from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. It's so cute. It took less than two hours to make, making me wish I knew more babies, particularly wee ones. Oh, the fun I could have . . . actually, I have to get off my tush and mail the hat today, because with the way babies grow, it might not fit the kid next week. And oh God, it's so cute. So I made a bigger one, just because. And then I made this blue stripey hat to use up some yarn. And now I am making a glorious cream-pink-orange-yellow striped hat that I am totally in love with. I may have to keep it, and I don't even wear hats that often. I have plenty of other projects I'm supposed to be working on, and instead I am having a random hat fit.


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