Wednesday, March 25, 2009

of course

I have to rip out a good chunk of my tank top and add more shaping. But that's ok. It's gonna be awesome. It's just that, as we know, I've got the scrawny back and largish boobs. So I have to do a bit of finagling. I believe I also have to spend another $21 on a third skein of Euroflax, just so I can have enough for straps, dammit. But then I will also have enough for a hat, or to make some lucky person a hat, or mitts or whatever, so it's not like it will go to waste.

The Swan Maiden Mitts are done with their time out and will be finished this evening, probably during the hockey game. Yay for problem-solving!

And actually, having to rip back the tank top may be a good thing: I might have something to work on on my Epic Journey home. Four planes, y'all. Once again, I say this ticket had better have cost less than $25. (Well, and I guess I have the rest of the Ultra Alpaca Fine, and some green dk cotton/acrylic stuff I bought that I could play with on the Epic Journey. So really, I'm ok.)

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