Monday, November 9, 2009

back on the horse!

Whew. So after the mini-hat explosion (they're kind of cute, maybe I'll do pictures tomorrow?) I am back on the Disco Scarf Horse. Naturally I don't have pictures, but I'm this far along:

Now is the
Made gloriou
And all the cl
In the deep

I've got some partial letters, too, but I don't think blogger's going to let me do those. :)

Today's knitting was helped along by figuring out how to (sort of) hold both yarns in one hand. It's more efficient, but still not great, so I went and ordered a norwegian knitting thimble. It should get here in about a week--I'm hoping it'll help me get another couple rows in per day. And really, interesting movies help this scarf along as much as anything else. Today I watched the Branagh Henry V, which, omg, is SO DRAMATIC, I didn't remember it being so overly dramatic (I tend to think that Shakespeare is dramatic enough, and doesn't really need extras,) but then, I don't know if I've watched it since I was a teenager, and when you're a teenager, the more dramatic the better, right? I certainly didn't remember that Christian Bale was in it. I kept expecting him to sing that Santa Fe song from Newsies, or do his ridiculous Batman voice. I much preferred David Gwillim's (I know, I spell his name wrong every time) Henry--his Crispin's Day speech sounded like he was just, you know, talking, and making it up as he went, whereas Branagh's Henry knew he was making a Big Important Speech. Branagh's Henry knew he was a big important hero the whole time, which was perhaps a bit obnoxious.

Anyway. Ooops this is supposed to be about knitting, not acting. Well, now you know what I'm thinking about whilst I knit the Disco Scarf! I think I'm going to get that 1990's Richard III with Ian McKellen next time I go to the library. And maybe the Olivier Henry V, though I tend to think Olivier was probably more effective on stage than on screen. But there I go again! Sorry!

Pictures tomorrow!

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