Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Eagle has landed!

Ok, so that was a little dramatic. I'm just excited because my norwegian knitting thimble arrived in the mail two days ago! Yay! It is, indeed, a handy little device. I'm still contemplating taping it or something so I can wear it closer to the tip of my finger, but it definitely helps even as it is.

I ordered some other random yarn with it too--I'd never ordered anything from KnitPicks, so I thought I'd see what it was like, yeah, a likely excuse, right? Anyway, I love all the colors I picked, and the superwash sock yarn feels pretty nice, but I don't know if I'd buy their other plain wool again. Of course, I haven't knit it up yet or anything. Hmm, but maybe I could start some socks tonight! I could use some football-and-hockey-game-watching knitting, and my Pernicious Disco Scarf won't do for that. Socks, now, socks I could do.

My little cute dad has gone to a football game this evening, and is wearing a pair of socks I made him. He claims it's 'for luck.' He's so cute. He's the kind of dad who, upon being asked once by his son to pick up some gum from the grocery store, will then make sure to pick up that same kind of gum once a week, so his child won't run out.

Anyway. Yay knitting thimble! Yay awesome-colored yarn! (I really want to make squirrel mittens with the awesome-colored yarn, but if I do any more colorwork right now I will totally scream.)

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