Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brief Pernicious Scarf Update!

Am too lazy to take a picture, but in case I haven't mentioned it, things are going much, much more quickly now that the knitting thimble has been added into the mix and I have figured out how to cope with it. If I'd had it from the beginning, I would be much further along. This is what I get for trying to economize.

Anyway, this is how far along I am:

Now is the winter of
Made glorious summer
And all the clouds tha
In the deep bosom of

So I'm slightly more than halfway! (This is both good--halfway done!--and terrifying: OMG ONLY 26 OR SO DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS HOW WILL I EVER FINISH!!!) Another time-saving measure is to cut down on how much purple I put in. It looks fan-fucking-tastic, but it really slows me down. So I think I'm gonna do York and house, or maybe York and buried, and call it a day. I'd kind of like to do discontent, but that is a fucking long word and it's not going to happen. I guess I could just do disco, right?

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