Sunday, March 7, 2010

Uh-oh: missing project!

So yesterday I was all "Hey, I could unravel the Disco Scarf while I watch tv!" And then I COULDN'T FIND IT. Now, granted, I didn't look very hard, but it wasn't where I thought it would be. This freaks me out just a little. I wonder where I would have put it?

Because, you know, one of this year's plans is to do that scarf RIGHT. It'll be so awesome if done right. OMG. I might have to keep it for myself. No, I have enough scarves already.

Um, and to make this post not completely useless babble, check out my Oiseau de Cendre stole-thingie so far!

I'm definitely liking it, but I probably should have gone up a needle size or two. This Knit Picks Gloss is pretty thick for lace weight. In my admittedly limited lace weight experience. :)

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