Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Q: Where does the general keep his armies?

A: in his sleevies!

That's my second-favorite Dad Joke. :) I bring it up today because I am finished with the body of my current Seat-Of-The-Pants Sweater, and have to start on the sleeves. I never like doing sleeves, because I'm not good at counting and am always afraid they'll come out crooked. (It's a top-down raglan, so no, I'm not going to be doing them both at once. I totally would, otherwise.)

Here's a picture, though it's really just a scraggly dark blob right now. And much more blue than it looks here:

It actually seems to fit very nicely. Covers my bosoms and everything. I'm kind of stoked. I mean, I won't know for sure until I block it, but I don't think it'll need an extra anything for any purpose other than decoration. Yay!

I really should get on those sleeves, though. If I knit like the wind, I can wear it to a concert on Friday. My mom is busy, so my dad gets to take me instead. It's apparently circus-themed. Maybe I should knit up some kind of Scary Clown Purse real quick?

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