Sunday, April 18, 2010

quality knitting miniseries.

No, not a miniseries with knitting! A miniseries to knit to. I really dig knitting to tv and movies and whatnot. I've tried books on tape, but I don't concentrate on them very well. I do much better with something that's been filmed. And most of the time I don't need to look to knit, so as long as I pick something with a fair amount of dialogue that'll get me through the parts where I do have to look, all is well.

This week I've been 'watching' that most recent version of Bleak House that the BBC did. You know, the one with Gillian Anderson. It's actually pretty good--and it's really long, which is awesome for Knitting Purposes. I think I have one segment left to watch. Oh boy, I'm excited to see how things turn out! I do think, though, that the goofy Dickensian names might work better on a page than they do spoken. (Unless English people really do have cutesy-poo weird last names? There can't possibly be as many as Dickens throws in there.)

Anyway, off to watch the end! I'm about halfway through a potholder with a pretty sweet orange on it, in case anyone was wondering. I did the back for a lemon, but have decided that it needs a color I don't have for the background of the lemon side, and have not yet got to a store. I think cotton was on sale at Michaels' last week, too. Serves me right for being slow. :(

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