Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring? YAY!

I may be taking the concept of putting-away-the-winter-clothes a bit far this spring. Instead of folding all my sweaters up and putting them in drawers and bins, I'm unraveling some of them--the ones I didn't wear much this winter--and putting them in bins. And then I can make new sweaters out of them during the year! I think there might be a grey sweater with blue and green patterns on the yoke in my near future. Good times.

My seat-of-the-pants blue sweater is . . . well, I like the fabric very much. And the back and sleeves seem to fit well. However, there is not nearly enough fabric to make the two fronts close over my ginormous bosoms. (They're not really THAT ginormous. They're just, as I've mentioned, proportionally ginormous.) At first I was going to undo the whole thing, but then I was like, hmm, maybe I could put some kind of big wide collar/button band concept that would add three or four inches to the front? So I think I'm going to try that. There is a chance it will be a contrasting color, only then I will need to find more of a contrasting color than I was originally planning to. (I bet cream would be nice. Navy and cream are nice together.)

Oh, and I started a pair of Endpaper Mitts when I was on my road trip this week. I didn't knit much of them, because I was too lazy to print out the pattern, and fancy that, it was a huge pain in the rear to knit from my laptop when I was away. They're in Knit Picks Palette in grey and dark red (sorry, I never remember color names) and they look quite nice so far.

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