Sunday, October 17, 2010


Or, rather, fingerless mitt-thingies. :)

First off, my friend loved the purple-and-green (with matching motif) mitts. Yay! Apparently they will go very well with her coat.

I've also started a pair of Endpaper Mitts for another friend, one who has been having a difficult time of it lately. I asked her what she likes in knitwear, and she suggested red, or rainbows. Ha! I have contrived to do both, and I kind of love them.

Sure, they'd do better with a bit more contrast between the red and the rainbow, but they will do their job well anyhow. That's a little Trekking XXL in #100, and some Knit Picks Palette in Pimento. Or maybe Lipstick. I don't remember. Oops. I am hoping to have enough of the Trekking left that I can do a pair with black instead of the red. And then either keep them for myself (though, as we know, I really don't need any more mitts) or make someone's Christmas (or Random Present Day) merry.

As for my socks, I only need to do the cuff on the second one, but I have had a migraine for two days, and it's really slowed my life down. I think I'm better now. I'd better be. I will be so cranky if I feel like crap again tomorrow.

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