Tuesday, October 19, 2010

remember books?

The Endpaper Mitts, as some of you may know, finish up with a tubular bind-off. This being the digital age, I looked online in a couple of places to find out how to do it, and they all turned out looking just dreadful. So in a fit of desperation I turned to the book I should have turned to in the first place, The Knitting Answer Book, by Margaret Radcliffe.

I think I've mentioned this book before, but not for a while. Dude, this book rocks. It's not very big, so you can take it with you, and it has really terrific, clear instructions for, well, every knitting thing I haven't been able to figure out otherwise. Needless to say, the tubular bind-off instructions were excellent, and the tops of my mitts look great. I wish I'd thought to look in the book when I couldn't figure out the tubular cast-on from online sources, but oh well, I'm planning to make another pair of the mitts, so I have another chance to learn.

The tubular bind-off looks pretty awesome in the 1x1 rib, by the way. I highly recommend it, and I'm not usually a fan of sewn bind-offs.

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