Sunday, April 10, 2011

more baby hats!

So this year my knitting creed seems to be "roll with the obsession, kid." First we had the stripes, and now we have the Baby Hat:

They're so darn cute! And they knit up in, like, four seconds! And you can put dangling leaves on them. Believe me, I did not make just one of the leafy yellow ones. OMG. Luckily these baby hats will be able to do some good: they're all (or most, I'm sure someone I know will have a baby eventually) headed off to the NICU to make worried parents smile a little.

But don't think I've forgotten the stripes. :)

Last year my mom mentioned that red-white-and-blue potholders would be nice for the patriotic chunk of the summer, so that's what she's getting for Mothers' Day. I just wish I wasn't so terrible at embroidering stars. I can do freestyle cute flowers no problem, but my stars always look like they've been melted or squashed. Or both. Sigh.

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