Sunday, April 3, 2011

some stripes, some not . . .

This will be a bit of a scrambly sort of post, but hey, I'm not one of those marvelous sorts of bloggers whose posts are nearly works of art, so I suppose we're used to it. :)

Behold some things I've been making!

A small green hat. I am smote with the cute of this hat. I want to make more cute green hats with flowers on them, but I don't know any babies small enough to give this one to, so I'm trying very hard not to make more. Sometimes you've just got to knock out a cute hat, though, you know?

This will (hopefully) be a cabled vest with (hopefully) a hood. I am hoping I have enough yarn for the hood. I'm very much enjoying knitting this. I feel like I haven't done real cables in ages! Oh, right, the pattern is this Lion Brand Cabled Vest Thingie. (Not the official pattern title.) I'm doing the small size for the back, and will probably do the fronts as a medium and fudge the decreases so the shoulders are the same sizes.

And then we have the stripes. Yeah. I think the obsession may be fading a bit, but here's the current stack:

I did a whole bunch of singles for a while, and now I have a rule that I can't start a new one until I've made one of the singles a mate. I finished a mate yesterday, sooo . . . I do have to have a Thumb Day sometime soon, though. Three or so of them need thumbs.

You will notice the red and rainbow gloves are no longer in the stack. I gave them to a friend--I made them for her, after all!--and she was pretty stoked. Yay stripey mitts!

Here's one of my current singles: a laceweight stripey elbow glove. I wish it were pink and orange, but I didn't have any pink or orange wool sweaters in the 90's, and so I can't unravel them now.

I kind of adore this glove, but I might not be cool enough to wear it. I might have to find someone more goth and make their day.

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