Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's that time of year . . .

. . . when we all start knitting like maniacs, though I'm trying not to make TOO many presents this year.

Anyhow, today I present the start of my holiday knitting:

Super Disco Awesome Squares waiting to be felted and turned into Super Disco Potholders. I made these bad boys out of some random Patons and Cascade 220 I had lying around. I'm hoping they felt into something resembling potholder-shape, but if not, eh, I'll sew whatever shapes they are together and call them a purse or something. Whatever happens, I am completely in love with the colors and the stripeyness. We all know I can't resist stripes.

I really want to make a Super Disco Blanket out of these two colors:

It's a blanket that would make you blind, but it'd be worth it to have seen it once.

There is one fly in this Happy Disco Ointment, however. Look at this sad and tragic square:

Do you see it? Do you see that sad little loop of brown in the upper left corner? That's where the brown ran out. I am lacking only as much brown as is needed to single crochet 24 inches. (Or so.) Oh, the doom and sadness. Oh, the cursing that went on last night. I guess I could edge two of them with their color, instead of brown, or edge them all with a contrasting color, but I really did like the brown edge. Made the whole thing a kind of classy disco. And sure, I could always buy more brown, but . . . I was so proud of the stashbusty aspect of this gift. Dammit, this is why a person needs to have knitting friends, because then I could call them all and beg a wee bit of brown.

Ah well. I will survive, as the disco song says.

I wonder if I can find some sort of Disco Pan to go with my Disco Potholders? (If we're going to be precise, they're probably more Psychedelic Potholders than Disco Potholders, but disco is so much easier to spell.)

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