Sunday, November 9, 2008

well-meaning but clueless people

So I consider myself to be pretty good at this whole knitting thing, problems with sweater fit aside. I've made some nice stuff in the three or so years I've been knitting for real.

And I have this acquaintance who has been knitting for ages and is very good at it. And whenever I mention anything about what I'm knitting, her comments and advice are always the MOST OBVIOUS THING IMAGINABLE. Stuff that I CLEARLY know/understand already, or I could not make half the stuff I do. In my opinion, knitting is not at all difficult. (Fitting sweaters is, but I blame that on my boobs.) And I find it interesting, so I read about it a lot. I am a fairly well-informed knitter. A snippet of credit for having some brains and sense and skill is all I ask. I don't think that's too much to ask.

In other news, my mama bought me a skein of handspun at a craft fair yesterday. It's oooh very pretty. I shall post a picture of it after there is sun to take a picture of it in.

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