Sunday, November 30, 2008

proof of recycling

I ended up swiping buttons from an old black sweater yesterday, and while they aren't perfect, neither are they hideous. Behold the FLS in action:

(I'm playing with a baby, hence the wackiness.)

For the record, I love this sweater with all my black heart. It could maybe have used another half-inch of room in the bust, but whatever. Close enough, and the rest of it fits perfectly and is generally fabulous. One of my friends at the party wants to make one, but claims it's beyond her skill. She didn't believe me when I told her it was one of the easiest sweaters ever. Really. It doesn't take much brainpower at all. Anyway, I still may go find it some real buttons someday. Because then, if I put these buttons back on their original sweater, I can give it to one of my cousins.

(Speaking of my cousins, I passed the Shrunken Hat on this week, and the baby cousin loves it. It looks just as fantastic on her as I thought it would. I feel she was probably just meant to have the hat all along.)

Man, if my aunts weren't all of a size that would render the cost of yarn prohibitive, I would totally make an FLS, throw it in the grab bag, and watch them fight over it.

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