Monday, December 1, 2008

Disco Potholder Update

They've been felted! They're drying on my bed right now--which reminds me, I should check on them--and they look pretty good. The orange one didn't shrink down as small as the rest of them, which is odd, because it's all Patons--the blue one is the only one that has some Cascade 220 snuck in.

They're a lovely thickness, and they're a pretty decent size. Maybe a little bigger than I would have liked, but hey, I have no idea what other people's potholder preferences are. So yay! If we're really lucky, I'll post a picture of the finished product. Which would require me actually taking a picture.

And what am I knitting now? I am knitting a pair of black fingerless gloves on size 1 needles. My mom wants a pair for when she has to take tickets in the winter. Blargh. I may go blind, but she's got small hands, so it's going pretty fast. Started in the first quarter of the Steeler game yesterday, and I only have three fingers left to do on the first glove. Go me! The Christmas presents are dropping like flies.

Oh God, I just totally tempted fate, didn't I? Everything is going to snarl and not fit from here on in. Great.

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