Saturday, December 13, 2008

no excuse

Really, I have no excuse for disappearing. I'm doing some Christmas knitting, yes, but no one I'm knitting for reads this blog. Or they'd better not. That would be embarrassing. Mostly I've been using my time to bake cookies and knit. I'm on a bit of a knitting schedule right now: I'm doing Baroque from Knitty for my mom, and when you start very twisty socks two weeks before Christmas, you can't lollygag around. They're going quite a bit quicker than I'd expected, so I'm happy. There is also the chance that I'll run out of yarn, which is not so happy.

And then when I'm done with those I can make my brother another pair of fingerless gloves, and he will trade me a shirt for them. Probably something with tentacles. The best part of this is that last Christmas he made fun of the gloves, saying that they looked like something a homeless man in a musical would wear. And now he wears them all the time and wants more. Ha! I totally win.

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