Thursday, December 4, 2008

thank goodness that's over.

Let's have a dance of joy: I just finished (except for sewing in four bajillion ends) a pair of black fingerless gloves for my mama. That's one Christmas present down! Hopefully that will also be the LAST DAMN TIME I knit anything in black on wee needles. It can be a pain in the tushie. (Especially if you've had a sip or two of kirschwasser, but we don't need to go into that, do we?) That's two pair of black fingerless gloves I've done, and one pair of socks. Ooog. No. More. (Though I have to admit the black fingerless gloves are quite elegant, and I kinda want some. I'm gonna suffer without, though.)

Um. Right. I made these bad boys out of Sandnesgarn Sisu, which is kind of like Lanett's ugly stepcousin. It's still decent yarn, it's just not as soft and yummy as Lanett. However, it will keep my mama's hands warm, so it's all good.

I really don't have much Christmas knitting left to do. I think I'm going to make my mom a pair of socks, but I need to get yarn for those, as I may have said. (I have Very Bad Blog Memory sometimes) and I'm toying with the idea of making random stuff for my brothers, but eh, they'd probably rather have cds or books.

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