Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ha ha!

I finished the twisty sock. YESTERDAY, no less. Get it, me. And with a wee bit of yarn to spare. And not even such a wee bit that I was in any way scared once I got to the end. Yay yay yay. I can't even tell you how awesome I feel about this. Those are some awesome socks.

So now, of course, I have cast on and finished one of a pair of fingerless gloves which, if I finish them, I'll give to my dad. If I don't, I'll give them to my brother later.

The faux Noro scarf carries on apace: I'm thinking I may have to push for the handmade swap after all, just so I can get rid of the thing. Not that it's ugly or anything: it's solid red with striping black and grey, and it's tasteful and festive all at the same time, but really, do I need another scarf cluttering up my life? NO. Well, I've also got some hats lying around that I don't need, but I think the scarf has less ends to sew in. So we'll see. I imagine there will be some discussing tomorrow at Pirohi Fest 2008. Oh my GOD those things are delicious. You know I only help make them because that's one less day I have to wait to eat them. SO. GOOD.

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