Wednesday, December 17, 2008

son of a bitch.

I managed to get through the first twisty sock without making any horrible mistakes. Then yesterday, about two inches in on the second sock, I twisted left when I should have twisted right, and didn't notice for about TEN ROWS.

Say it with me now: NOOOOOOOOO.

And of course, ripping it out didn't go well, because I suck at counting rows when there are cables involved. And the twists are a pain in my tushie. I think I have it all set now, but I am not looking forward to picking it back up today. But I have to, because I'm behind about half a chart on my Knitting Quotas. Baroque has a 32-row chart(on the size I'm doing,) which repeats close to four times (on the sock I'm doing). If I do 32 rows a day, the sock will get done well before Christmas.

And it has to, because there won't be much time for knitting on Christmas Eve, which is a giant mad festival at my grandma's house (imagine a riot with really good food, and presents) nor will there be much time for knitting on the 23rd, which is when we cook the really good food. Making pirohi (from scratch, thanks) for approximately 50 people is not a speedy event.

Neither is this damn sock, though I have to say that it's worth it, because it's GORGEOUS. It'll be a shame to hide them in shoes.

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