Thursday, December 18, 2008

uh oh

No, I have not had to rip the sock out for the fourth time. However, I did go on an Epic Shopping Adventure with my mom last night, so not much knitting was done.

How epic, you ask? Well, not quite as amazing as our 10-hour shopping fest two or so weeks ago, but let's just say that Macy's closed at midnight. I'm not sure when the rest of the mall closed, but I think it was later than usual. We did finish most of her list, I got something cute and meaningful for my big brother, and we got some rather good bargains (we are CHAMPION hunter-gatherers, especially when it comes to clothing and household goods) so all in all, a very successful trip. And I told some lost people where the Bath and Body Works was, so I was all helpful and stuff.

Today I have to try to knit a twisty sock. It had better work. I really like these socks.

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