Saturday, November 8, 2008

mmm, recycling

I haven't been doing too much actual knitting lately--there's a birthday present I HAVE to finish, but since it's already late I'm totally slacking--but I have been dismantling a few of my old sweaters for their yarn. One old blue cashmere one (that was drying in the last picture we saw) and one grey one from the Gap. Not quite as beloved a sweater as the red one, but a very nice sweater nonetheless. I got quite a bit of good yarn out of that one.

I'm trying to decide if I want to knit something for the grownup Christmas grab bag at my grandma's. I can never think of anything good to buy for it, and if I knit something, well, I still run the risk that no one will like it, but at least I will have had a good time knitting it. I'm sort of considering making a scarf or stole out of the grey former sweater (the gift is supposed to cost around $30, but hey, anything I make will automatically be worth at least that, so I don't care if I got the yarn for free and have already worn it) or else maybe a pair each of women's and men's fingerless gloves. I feel that my relatives are more likely to wear fingerless gloves than a lace scarf, but who knows, maybe they just need a push into the realm of lace-scarf-wearing. My aunt Ann would probably rock a lace scarf. She's got style. Doesn't have many chances to dress herself up, but when she does, STYLE ATTACK.

Oooh, and I got Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits from the library the other day, and I loves it. It shall be going on my Christmas list.

(Sorry for talking about Christmas so much! Don't worry, I'm not listening to the music.)

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