Friday, May 15, 2009

a standstill.

Right. So I finally get Knitted Lace of Estonia from the library (I've been waiting since January!) I've got some red laceweight yarn, and I've got Queen Silvia in my sights--and of course I realize that the only US 3 needles I have are double points.

Oh, cry me a river. I was so ready to get started. :( And no, I'm not going to try a swatch to see how it all looks on 4's, because I'm knitting a Print O' The Wave stole on US 4's right now, on a similar weight yarn, and I would definitely like the stockinette sections to be less airy. I think.

So, GREAT, this means I'm going to have to venture to a yarn store sometime soon, because it's not like my mom's birthday is getting any further away, or the pattern is getting any less epic. On the other hand, since it's all the same motif, once I get it down, it should be clear sailing. As we already know, I don't fear the nupp.

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