Friday, May 29, 2009

nothing to see here.

I should warn you 'all' that things will probably be excruciatingly dull around here for a while. I'm nearly done with the second border for FrankenSilvia, so as of tomorrow it's going to be all Queen Silvia nupps all the time until I get this thing done. Then, of course, we will have the fun of grafting, and the even better fun of laughing at me as I whine and moan when I don't have a space big enough to block the thing. (Actually, I think I should be ok on this front. I specifically chose a rectangular stole so I should be able to block it on my bed.)

Other than that I've got nothing going on the knitting front. Still out of work, so no cash to buy fun yarn. There's not really anything else I'm dying to knit right now, but ask me again after I've knit about a foot of straight-up Queen Silvia. I will probably be raving mad and looking for something I can knit without looking at. When that happens, we shall see what we can find in my meager collection of yarn.

In other news, I have found no more freakish knots in my ball of yarn, and the Stanley Cup Finals start tomorrow. Both of these are good things. Go Pens!

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