Friday, June 5, 2009

nupps, nupps, and more nupps.

Still knitting away at good ol' Almost-Queen-Silvia. It looks like a meshy red blob. I'm thinking, though, that since I'm fairly sure I have plenty of time to finish the queen up before July 19 (those will probably be famous last words) I might find me a little something else to knit at the same time, so I don't go nuts from the sameness of it all.

Soooo I may just cast on for the Full O' Win Mitts, and play along with this month's fingerless glove KAL over on Ravelry. 'Tis a lovely group, with many lovely, fingerless patterns to be found. Best of all, these are worsted weight. I may just freak out after a few weeks of only laceweight.

I have two options, color-wise. One is (if I have black yarn, which I don't think I do) to do a black mitt with the purl bands in gold, therefore making awesome Penguin (and other Pittsburgh sports team) mitts. Second, which will probably happen, is some kind of burgundy and brown.

All I know is that some lucky friend or relative of mine is going to be getting fingerless gloves for Christmas. (If I make the black and gold ones, I'm keeping them, though. It may be June, but it's damn cold here.)

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