Friday, June 12, 2009

Ha ha!

I am officially halfway done with Queen Silvia! Whee! (There are supposed to be 20 repeats + one partial, and I've done ten.)

I might even be more than halfway done, because A) my end borders are wider than the called-for border, and B) I'm using size 4 needles, not 3. I was too cheap/lazy to buy the threes. Also, my mom is short.

If you force yourself to do one whole repeat a day, this thing goes pretty quick.

Is it bad that I'm already starting to wonder what I should make next? I guess I could finish my Print O' The Wave theoretical Christmas gift. (Note To Self: I'm pretty sure we're on row 8. I'm also pretty sure whatever scrap of paper I jotted that down on has been thrown out.) What I'm hoping will happen is that my mum will like her stole and wear it to my brother's birthday party, and then I can see how the female relatives feel about a lace stole. If they like it, then Print O' The Wave will go into the Christmas swap. If not, darn, I guess I'll have to keep it.

My life is so hard.

(Oh, and you know the drill: GO PENS! It's a great day for hockey!)

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