Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am not a joiner.

Y'all, I just went and looked to make sure of when that knit-in-public day is, so I can make sure not to knit in public on that day.

I'm sure this makes me some sort of bad person, but I'm A) not a joiner, and B) not keen on ostentatious displays of . . . I don't know, stuff. It's hard to articulate the feeling of ick that stuff like this gives me, (and not just as related to knitting, but as related to all things) but there it is.

In other news, today I keep leaving nupps out on my stole. That is not something you can fix like picking up a missed yarn over. That's something you have to undo back to the bit where you left a nupp out. The first time I did it I caught it fairly soon, but the second time . . . let's just say I had to put the whole thing down or I would have pitched some sort of fit. Bad brain! Bad, bad brain!

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