Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guess What:

Only six rows and some grafting left on Queen Silvia! Can you believe it?

Y'all, the birthday deadline is July 19, and this year I didn't even have to allow three extra days for mailing purposes. This means I will be done with this bad boy a full NINETEEN DAYS (ok, eighteen with blocking--crap, I think I need more pins, darn it) ahead of time.

Dang. What on earth will I do without Birthday Deadline Drama? Perhaps I should knit something for my brother for his 35th birthday. That's on the 28th. Of course, I don't think Charlottesville is a place where you need a whole lot of knitwear, so maybe I'll get him some nice . . . I don't know, karaoke tracks he doesn't have?

Anyway. Yay! I'll get more pins, and we will have Finished Product Pictures very soon.

And then I can finish my tank top.

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