Tuesday, November 16, 2010

no pictures yet . . .

. . . but I shall tell you what's up, because I know you're so super curious. :)

First of all, the Rainbow Mitts were a big hit with their intended recipient. Yay! They fit and everything. Good times.

The Retro Socks are not very far past the heel, but I'm sort of saving them to knit while I sit around at eleven choir concerts in December, so there's no need to panic about them. I also have a hat planned that I will probably work on while waiting to sing. It's a plain ol' stockinette hat, so it won't take very long.

Mostly I've been doing miles of stockinette for what I hope will turn out to be a sweater for my mom. I'm trying to get the body done this week so I can start on the sleeves. There's going to be a colorwork yoke involved, but I think, if I keep plugging away, I can get it done by Christmas. Luckily the first season of Burn Notice (which I've been waiting for for MONTHS) is on its way to my library, just in time to entertain me whilst I knit miles of stockinette. I'm also listening to The Mill on the Floss, which is very good and quite entertaining, but sometimes you want a little modern tv where stuff blows up and Sharon Gless is hilarious.

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