Saturday, November 20, 2010

omg short rows.

So I've been working and working on my ridiculously ambitious sweater project, and dude. I am now at the part where you worry about not having enough yarn. I am, however, nearly done with the body. I should be able to finish it this weekend and be on to the sleeves starting Monday. So I really am on schedule to finish it before Christmas, I just worry about, you know, fit, and having enough yarn.

I knit short rows on the bosom of this thing for three hours last night (whilst watching hockey) and am still not done with them. Let's just say the cup size I am dealing with is well into the alphabet. Oy. On the other hand, if it does fit, she'll be quite pleased to have a sweater that is long enough in the front.

My first Retro Football Sock is at least two-thirds done. It's amazing how fast a round goes when you've got 80 stitches instead of 400. I'm almost to the toe, and then it'll be off to the second one!

I still need to decide what to do about my grab bag gift--but I did start, just for a break from the endless stockinette of my life--a pair of red and grey mitts for a friend who saw the mitts I'd made for another friend and was whining that I never make her anything. These mitts are kind of a bit unisex, so if I run into troubles, I can use them for the grab bag. I actually quite like them. My favorite part of the pattern is that it has a hem where you do a provisional cast-on and then pick those stitches up at the appropriate time, fold them to the back, and knit them together with the row you're working on, thereby eliminating the need to sew your hem down later. GENIUS. (And the worst explanation ever, but believe me, it's brilliant and awesome. And covers up the long floats in the cuff pattern, so you don't have to worry about people getting their fingers stuck.)

Ugh, that was long. I've had too much caffeine, I think. And it's not even 10:30 yet. AIEEE!

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