Friday, April 13, 2007


After I posted last night I realized that the two Finished Works I'd decided to show off were made with--the horror!--acrylic yarn. Lest anyone get any ideas that I actually like the fake stuff, let me state right now that I am as much of a yarn snob as anyone. A fiber snob, really. My mom got to me young. I've been convinced that acrylic yarn was put on the earth by Satan ever since I was approximately eleven years old.

And then you fast-forward to being a grown-up person, and the Fiber Gods consipire against you. You find yourself A) poor, and B) having no vehicle with which to get to a nice yarn store, because oh, did I mention that you're poor? But JoAnn's (and a Wal-Mart) are within walking distance, and sometimes a girl does what she must.

I did splurge (in my own small way) for the sweater I'm making up. I bought some Cascade Yarns Sierra in a nice hot pink. It's cotton with a dash of wool, two of my favorite things. And yes, you're gonna have to keep waiting for the pictures.

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