Thursday, April 26, 2007

mmm, yarn . . .

I went to the loveliest yarn store this afternoon. Oh, Knitty City, you have such gorgeous yarn and such nice people. A+.

I bought some sock yarn that I don't really need (but I'm gonna make some of it into presents, so that's ok, right?) and some needles to knit up a bunch of thick acrylic yarn that I just inherited. It really can't be left to languish in the box, can it? And chenille is cool. I'm gonna knit a chenille blanket, I think.

Mr. Pink Sweater is still drying. God, I hope I have a yarn needle so I can sew it up. Otherwise there might be screaming. Loud, uncontrollable screaming.

You never thought knitting was so dramatic, did you? Ha ha!

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