Wednesday, April 25, 2007

cautiously hopeful

I think it all came out ok. Now it's blocking (great, drunken blocking) and then all I have to do is sew together shoulders, slap on a turtleneck, sew up the sides, and hope to God that the gauge worked out. You never know with me. Knitting is possibly not the best choice for the mathematically challenged, but I do love it. Because (not why I love knitting, but why I hope the gauge is ok) I really really don't want to have to knit it again, and I don't know anyone nearish my size (because it's close, it really is) who I adore enough to give a sweater to. Well, my brothers are near my size (we can wear the same pants) but I'm pretty sure they don't want a hot pink sleeveless turtleneck.

And I do believe it is now time to step away from the internet. I'm not letting you see pictures of my ghetto-blocking experiment. There may be pictures of sweater with turtleneck tomorrow, or, if we're really lucky, finished sweater! Crazy.

I wonder what I should knit next? And why is my stash in another state? Along with my needle collection? I didn't plan very well.

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