Wednesday, August 20, 2008


And pictures of hats, no less. Ok, on the top one you can only sorta see the hat, but I wasn't doing so well with hat photography (and there may have been tequila involved) so this is what you get. It's Lacecap from the ever-awesome Knitty. Sure, these hats haven't been in style in years, but maybe I can bring them back. :) It's also what my Louet Euroflax wanted to be, and who am I to argue with the yarn?
And this little guy is a pretty much made-up baby hat for a shower this weekend. My cousin's first kid is due in October: the kid's gonna need some hats. Luckily I had some unisex-ish baby yarn on hand! I lost the label somewhere in Texas, so we'll all just have to wonder exactly what it's made out of. Definitely wool. though. Must remember to tell the mom-to-be not to put it in the dryer.

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