Wednesday, August 20, 2008


No pictures of the socks, but I couldn't help myself, I knit up some wee cute socks to go with the baby hat. Cause really, what's a heartless girl like me gonna do with yellow + rainbow stripe yarn?

Now that I've got all that cute out of my system, I can go back to my Jaywalkers. Remember the day I was freaking out because I wanted sock yarn? Well, I lost the battle, and bought not only the Sockotta, but also some Yummy (I forget the brand) and immediately started up some Jaywalkers out of the latter. Believe me, the sock knitting was possibly the only thing that stood between my castmates and death that last weekend. And there was this boy who's the only thing that stood between me and having a finished pair of socks right now, but he was fun and my feet aren't too cold, so I guess that's ok. :)

And now I'm at home and noticing all this yarn I forgot I had, though naturally I still want to buy more . . . my birthday is coming up, maybe I can get someone to give me yarn money! Or a trip to the two yarn stores in town that I haven't been to.

How do you know when something crosses the line from hobby to obsession? Argh.

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