Sunday, August 10, 2008

remember me?

Yeah. I've been busy. Oooh, I was also broken for a while. Got tackled by a friend, wound up requiring three stitches in my elbow. The couple of days where I really couldn't move my arm--and was also too hopped up on pain pills to knit--were not much fun. However, because I am super badass, I finished the sweater in time for my mom's birthday, and it fits and she loves it. Unfortunately, I was so excited that I finished it that I forgot to take pictures. I will take pictures next time I am around the parents, never fear!

So now I'm making a hat out of the green linen yarn, from a pattern on Knitty that I'm too lazy to link to right now. I have to do a show in two hours, so if I'm gonna do any posting, I have to get this done quick. I'm hoping the hat will fit me. The pattern seems to claim it'll stretch, but I don't know. And the yarn's too expensive and nice for me to want to give it away. Louet Euroflax is my new friend. I'm trying to decide if I want to buy the navy blue from the yarn store so I can make something for my mom, though I really don't know what. It's just that she loves navy blue . . .

Oh, and I taught someone to knit! I'm in a production of Music Man, and the director wanted Mrs Paroo to knit as part of her stage business. So I taught her, and I think she's hooked. She knows how to knit and purl, and she's already started knitting stuff not on stage. Ha ha! A convert! Go me!

I shall try not to be so invisible in the future.

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