Wednesday, September 10, 2008

happy birthday to me . . .

And when I say 'happy birthday to me,' I mean I just went yarn shopping. :) Unfortunately, the only yarn store a girl without a car can easily get to in this town is really not the best yarn store in this town, but they'd just got in some sock yarn, so I am now the happy owner of two skeins of Trekking that I really don't need, but which are lovely. One is definitely for me, and one could possibly end up as a Christmas present for someone.

The store just doesn't have enough yarns in large quantities, so there wasn't anything Aran-sweater-suitable. I'm gonna have to call in some favors and find someone who wants to drive to one of the other stores. There are at least two good ones, dammit.

On the rest of the knitting front: am still having horrible problems with fit. Everything I knit for myself is too big. I don't understand. I think it's some kind of mental block, or some kind of subconscious "If I knit something and it's too small, then I'll feel fat," and so then I make everything too big and am just pissy. Especially because really, if you saw me, you'd know that fat and I really have not much of an acquaintance. So that sort of mental block is just weird.

I finished the first of my Zombie Socks and have started on the second. They're the first socks I've made whose fit I haven't really liked. I'm thinking this could be because I used Fortissima Sockotta, so they're not quite as reboundy as completely wool socks would be, or it could just be because my feet are narrow. What the hell, I'll wear them anyway. Everyone should have zombie-themed clothing.

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