Saturday, September 20, 2008


For continuity's sake, I will mention that yes, that hot pink yarn is bloody well going to stay in the sweater form it is now. It's not the world's greatest sweater, but I'm pretty sure I'll wear it, so ha! Check that off. Pictures to come when I don't have a migraine.

Now my dilemma involves the Trekking I bought on my birthday yarn store venture. I can't find a pattern that I think is worthy of such pretty colors. I'm tempted to just knit it up as a plain ol' sock, but that's just a tad boring . . . it deserves better than Plain Sock. But not something so fancy it'll turn into Mess.

Ah well. I will keep searching.

In other news, I ADORE my zombie socks with all my black heart, and the Yummy whatever yarn that was that I made the Jaywalkers out of softened up a bit after washing, and is much more pleasant.

Bedtime now.

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