Thursday, September 18, 2008

a question of hemming.

Right. Some of you may remember that I own some extremely bright pink yarn, that I've been trying to knit up into something wearable for over a year now. I'm too poor to buy yarn and then not make it into something someone on this earth can use! Anyway, I've headed back into the world of the top-down raglan, because I can make those fit me, (I've got scrawny shoulders and largish boobs, remember? Pain in the ass.) and I think--I say I think--I've come up with a winner.

I'm nearly to the bottom, so am now trying to decide what the heck to do with the hem. I don't want a rolled hem. There's lace involved, so folding is right out. Ribbing would look funny, as it's sort of a babydoll top. I'm hoping that kind where you purl a row or two and then the cast-off end rolls up over that will work and not be too thick.

Hopefully there will not be too much swearing involved.

(I also wish I'd decided there would be lace involved before I started, because now the collar is the only part of the sweater with ribbing. I would have made it lacy, too, but now it's far, far too late to go back. And the sleeves might end up with ribbed cuffs, though I'm going to try with lace first.)

Oh, the adventure of it all.

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