Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mmm, camera.

Stuff I've made lately:

First we have my Zombie Socks. I kind of dote on these. All the knitting through the back loop was a pain in the ass, but hey, the socks are cute and thanks to them, I know all about the dropped stitch as design element. Yay learning something!

And these are my Gansey Gloves (someday there will be links: I'm SO LAZY!) without fingers. This is some Shibui sock yarn whose colorway I of course don't know, the ballband having been lost somewhere between here and Texas. Not because of evacuation, (though my poor Galveston did get its butt kicked, didn't it?) just because of moving.

I freakin' love how this yarn knit up. Each of the colors is lovely in itself, and then they all blend together so beautifully, not into a mega-mess like so many variegated yarns do. I actually like how the colors in the Sockotta turned out, as well. Yay me picking yarn I like!

As for what I'm working on now, let's just say that I think you've seen the yarn before, and hopefully it will fit in this incarnation. I am about to do some serious making-up-as-I-go. We shall see. And you may even see, because I do post pictures, even if I'm slow about it.

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