Saturday, December 19, 2009


Just popping in with a wee update:

- I finished the socks for my mom. Yay! Check that off the list.

- I had to get fancy with the gloves for my brother, so they are taking longer than expected. Crap. Have bought him a book of poems in case the gloves don't get done for Christmas morning.

- Should be knitting on those gloves right now, but I am sick of teeny needles, and am doing a nice mindless stockinette striped hat on size sixes for a bit, thank you. I may give it to a brother, or use it for the gift swap.

- I've finished all my shopping, which is nice.

- I've finished all my baking, which is also nice. I think I made about half as many kinds of cookies this year as I usually do. Go me! Way to not over-bake! People will probably whine about it. I am considering writing out copies of all the recipes and handing them to anyone who complains. It's not like this is rocket science, people. Get off your butt, do what the recipe tells you, and you will have delicious cookies.

- It's been snowing pretty solidly for several hours, which is kind of annoying.

- I'd better eat lunch now, and then continue to knit my hat. Or gloves. Or whatever.

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