Sunday, December 13, 2009

updates updates updates . . .

Let's get caught up on some stuff . . .

First of all, inspiration finally struck for the blue birthday hat, in the form of flowers, leaves, and i-cord:

I'm extremely pleased with it, and will probably make myself something similar in brown with a cream flower. AFTER Christmas. :)

As for the Disco Scarf, well, shortly after Thanksgiving it became clear that I wasn't going to finish it in time for Christmas, and anyway, there are some things I think I can do better/want to change, so it is officially On Hold till after Christmas as well. I know I can get it done for NEXT Christmas. :) I want to get smaller needles, and re-do some of the designs on the back. I'm sure it'll be easier the second time around!

So that means that now for Christmas I need to finish:

1 pair of gloves for my brother (the scarf brother, I'll get him a book of poems, too)
1 more sock for my mom
1 ornament for my mom (possibly a tiny sweater, possibly a snowflake or two, possibly flowers)
1 1/2 more slipper socks for my grandma (this does not HAVE to get done)
And maybe a couple more random hats.

This is all, my friends, Completely Possible. I like a completely possible Christmas. I like an Impossible Christmas too, but only when I know I can finish things properly. The Disco Scarf is too good an idea/too nice a project not to do it right.

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