Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Successful Christmas!

Well. Happy A-Couple-Of-Days-After-Christmas to you all! For those who celebrated, I hope you had a lovely time, and for those who don't, hey, it's over! The music in the malls will be back to normal! Woo-hoo muzak time!

Anyway. :) All my knitwear gifts seemed to go over quite well. My mom's favorite thing, oddly enough, was her tiny Christmas sweater. It is pretty cute. I'll hop on down to the tree and take a picture eventually. You know me: slow with the photos.

My grandma seemed to like her slipper socks, and though I didn't put any hats in the adult gift swap at my other grandma's, the mitts I put in the handmade gift swap have put my entire family in Extreme Awe of my knitting skills. :) I'll have to find another snazzy pattern for next year. And hopefully more people will play, so I won't have to feel awkward about putting in something that's not unisex. unless, of course, I can find a really awesome unisex pattern. The handmade gift swap was actually a really big hit. Mostly, I think, because everyone went into it with the right attitude of fun, and not the attitude of desperately hoping for a good present, though most of the stuff was good. And it was fun to see what everyone made! I think, since it was such a hit, I'm going to send out a reminder in, say, July this year, so everyone can have time to prepare. That's plenty of time to learn a craft!

So anyway, quality holiday season! Since it's the first day of Christmas, I'm gonna go look around and see if anyone's sent me a partridge in a pear tree. I'm still waiting for my true love to turn up, you know. :)

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